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Alghunaim ... ‘setting standards’

Alghunaim ... ‘setting standards’

Delmon starts local production of Frac sand and proppant

The leading manufacturer of mineral and chemicals says its main challenge is to manage the demanding supply schedule and fluctuations

IN keeping with the current trend of creating higher value and more diverse products in the oil and gas sector, Delmon has started the local production of Frac sand and proppant as a product for the fracking of shale gas, the current market direction for producing gas in the world.

Delmon Group is a leading manufacturing, mineral and chemical processing, trading and marketing conglomerate in the Arabian Gulf. Strategically based at the port and oil city of Al Khobar/Dammam in the Eastern Province in Saudi Arabia, Delmon has diversified its business activities and pioneered various business ventures in the region.

The company says it has a regular and long-term pipeline of supply contracts to various industries such as oil and gas, construction, chemicals, water treatments and others, in the region.

“For us, the main challenge is to meet and manage the demanding supply schedule and fluctuations which put pressure on our manufacturing and logistics. At the same time, we have to meet the industry’s high standards when it comes to product quality,” says Ahmed Alghunaim, the managing director of Delmon Group of Companies.

Delmon ... meeting demanding
supply schedules

As a leading manufacturing and processing company of mineral and chemicals for the oil and gas industry, Delmon is a major supplier of all drilling mud, additives, and processed chemicals catering to both upstream and downstream sectors.

The company, according to Alghunaim, is currently running supply contracts with some of the major oil and petrochemicals industries such as Saudi Aramco, Sabic (Saudi Basic Industries Corporation) and other major companies in the Gulf.

Some of the major products manufactured by the company are silica flour, frac sand and proppant, silica sand, filtermedia products (sand, gravel and anthracite), oil-well drilling products, potassium chloride, industrial salt, barytes, calcium chloride, talc, calcium carbonate, bentonite, polybilt, waterproofing and coating products, insulation and industrial gasket products, and colouring master batches.

Alghunaim says that business has improved over the last year with a number of committed projects secured and a remarkable increase in infrastructure as well as oil and gas and petrochemical projects. “Our business is trying to meet the extra demand in processing raw materials needed for various applications in these sectors,” he says.

Going forward, Alghunaim says that Delmon will continue to maintain a diversified approach to meet the constant increasing demand for its products in the petroleum and industrial sectors in the Gulf region and elsewhere. The group is aiming to increase its business by 20 per cent in the coming year.

“We are confident that in the coming years, there will be significant changes in the oil and gas market. Saudi Arabia will remain one of the key global players through continuous development of its natural mineral wealth. With this economic advantage, Delmon will also increase its market share in the mining sector,” says Alghunaim.

Delmon Group of Companies which was established in 1981, is a part of Al Ghunaim Brothers Group. The group has registered a 30 per cent increase in exports this year by reaching out to new markets like Singapore, China, India, Sudan, and Egypt.

The group has seven branches across the country and a satellite office in Dubai, UAE. The branches are located in Hofuf, Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah, Jubail, and Yanbu as well as in Al Khobar. Delmon also operates a logistics and procurement facility in Dubai to serve the increasing demand for its products in the Gulf. The company has more than 550 employees with reputation and competitiveness for quality services.

The management of Delmon is committed to keep the group a leader in the market in supplying minerals and chemicals to the oil and gas industry.

“Through a continuous plan of expansion and development, Delmon Group will remain a leading conglomerate with reputable and competitive products and technology,” says Alghunaim.

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