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Abouraya ... ‘confident’

Abouraya ... ‘confident’

Zamil Offshore serving Saudi Aramco for the last 35 years

Founded primarily to provide offshore support vessels to Saudi Aramco in 1977, Zamil Offshore Services today is the oldest and largest provider of integrated offshore support services to oil and gas offshore companies in the Middle East

ZAMIL Offshore Services was founded by the Zamil Group in 1977 with the prime objective of providing offshore support vessels to Saudi Aramco.

Today, besides owning and operating the largest offshore support fleet, its diversified marine businesses include shipbuilding, ship and rig repair, seaports operation and management and on-shore and offshore engineering and construction services above water and under water including hook-up operations.

Zamil Offshore entered the “work boat” industry in 1977 with its Zamil Supplier AHTS, its first offshore vessel which it succeeded in chartering to Saudi Aramco to support its offshore oil and gas industry. Over the course of 35 years, Zamil has managed to expand its offshore fleet by acquiring more support vessels, which in turn have been chartered to Saudi Aramco.

Today, with a fleet of more than 55 vessels, Zamil is the oldest, largest and most experienced provider of integrated offshore support services and ship borne supplies to Saudi Aramco and other oil and gas offshore companies in the Middle East. “We offer all inclusive state-of-the-art solutions that meet the vast majority of our customer’s marine needs,” says Hassan Abouraya, consultant engineer, corporate business development, international marketing and risk management, Zamil Offshore.

Zamil Offshore fleet has a regional footprint working in the Middle East. “We stand ready to transport crews and supplies, tow and anchor rigs, assist in offshore construction projects and perform a variety of specialised marine support services,” says Abouraya. Zamil has some 3,000 employees; almost 600 of them employed on board its vessels operating in the Arabian Gulf and the Red Sea. With 16 more vessels of various rolls and sizes under construction, the company expects its fleet to reach 69 vessels by the end of the first quarter of 2013. Zamil Offshore is considered to be one of the world’s leading players, with current fleet utilisation rate of 97.12 per cent recorded in the first quarter of 2012.

Zamil’s leadership strategy is to invest in innovative, high productivity vessels, specially built and tailored with an increasing focus on safe, advanced and efficient equipment that meets its clients specific operating conditions, while also providing them with a full range of services. Zamil’s newly built modern DP-2 multi-purpose vessels – Zamil 63 and Zamil 64 – are prime examples of vessels that have been specially designed to be easily configured to support a broad range of specialised marine applications, functioning as all-purpose vessels supporting diving operations, offshore structure maintenance and general assistance.

There are a number of unique characteristics and strengths that have helped set Zamil Offshore Services apart from its competition such as its in-house, end-to-end operational structure; and installation of the latest technical ship management software in its offices and on board the majority of its vessels to ensure that they and their equipment is monitored continuously.

Zamil is in a highly expansive phase with many exciting projects and major investments in hand to meet the needs of the future. “With major long-term contracts secured with Saudi Aramco, we are confident in continued growth and our vision is to be the leading and most significant offshore and marine services provider for the oil and gas industry in the region and selected market segments globally,” says Abouraya.

In addition to its marine fleet, the company has also expanded into diversified offshore support businesses and has succeeded in providing a wider range of comprehensive solutions to the offshore marine business including shipbuilding, ship conversions, renovations, repairs and several different offshore and onshore engineering and construction services.

Zamil Offshore Services’ support fleet comprises 34 AHTS (anchor handling tug supply) vessels (6 under construction);  10 workboats (six under construction); three supply boats (one under construction); six utility boats; two multipurpose vessels; eight crewboats (three under construction);  one jack up lift boat; plus five chartered re-chartered vessels. Significant Vessels within the fleet include seven Rolls Royce UT733-2 AHTS vessels; 10 diesel electric AHTSS (anchor handling tug supply/safety) vessels (including the first diesel electric AHTSS in the world);  2 DP-2 multipurpose AHTS/ diving support vessels; and  jack-up self propelled lift barge with accommodation capacity for a complement of 76.

In 2002, Zamil ventured into shipbuilding and since has become the premier and only shipbuilder in the kingdom. Zamil’s shipbuilding, ship and rig repair division has, to date, built and delivered 36 offshore and port service vessels, with seven more under construction.

Zamil’s new $250-million shipyard is now being constructed inside King Abdul Aziz Port in Dammam beside its existing Port Marine Yard. The new yard is to be commissioned by the end of 2013 and will open up a range of new offshore and naval shipbuilding opportunities as well as cut Zamil’s fleet repair bills.

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