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Jensen ... ‘global approach’

Jensen ... ‘global approach’

Specialist knowledge gives Ramboll key advantages

The company employs nearly 10,000 engineering specialists in 200 offices in 19 countries. A high level of specialist knowledge is a necessity for Ramboll to remain a leading independent engineering consultancy in the international oil and gas market

INNOVATIVE thinking is a must to become a successful engineering consultancy in today’s oil and gas market. The tough and ever-changing market requires a high level of expertise and updated specialist knowledge in all relevant fields. To Ramboll, this means that sharing knowledge and resources across the organisation globally is highly prioritised. 

“Being a large, independent engineering consultancy, it is our duty to provide our clients with the latest knowledge and innovative solutions. We employ almost 10,000 engineering specialists in 19 countries, which represent a great resource base,” explains Gert Jensen, managing director at Ramboll Oil & Gas Middle East.

“Our global engineering approach allows us to be able to access relevant knowledge and respond rapidly and with great flexibility to the specific needs of a client or a project at any location.”

Ramboll delivers engineering consultancy services to the oil and gas industry. The services cover the entire oil and gas offshore and onshore industry, including production, treatment, storage and transmission. Ramboll has 10 offices in six countries in the oil and gas industry and has experienced significant growth in recent years.

For Ramboll to remain a leading provider of engineering consultancy services to the global oil and gas industry and to be able to attract even more challenging projects in the future, new developments are introduced all the time.

“Being an engineering consultancy, we only have one asset, and that is our employees’ expertise. We like to describe ourselves as a one-stop-shop project solution. Instead of buying in or sourcing services from elsewhere, we aim to have all the various skills, disciplines and techniques that we need in-house,” says Jensen who believes that the demand for consultancy to the oil and gas industry will only continue to increase in the coming years.

To be able to offer clients innovative solutions based on the latest know-how, Ramboll continuously invests in considerable engineering service packages. Besides more traditional engineering services, the company offers a wide range of unique and very specialised non-traditional skills. One of the latest additions is an in-house 3D scanning team that will add great value to project executions. Among Ramboll’s other specialist services are environmental services, geophysical and geotechnical solutions, HSE management and financial studies and planning.

“We continuously strive to offer our clients a solid basis for decision making. We have been successful in combining our specialist knowledge with our know-how on more technical matters. This combination has shown itself valuable in financial studies, for instance, where a strong grounding in both technical and financial aspects of the project is required,” says Jensen.

According to him, the status as independent engineering company is an important part of Ramboll’s overall offering to clients in the market. “Our independence is a big part of our business culture. We are not tied to any specific construction or fabrication yard. Rather, our main focus is to give our clients the best and most tailored independent consultancy service in the market,” he adds.

The high level of specialist knowledge in Ramboll stems from a wide range of advanced in-house studies and analyses.

Earlier this year, Ramboll released a vast study on electrical power system challenges. The study, which was produced in close co-operation with Hess and ATB Laurence Scott, evaluates how to overcome motor starting constraints in large generators based on detailed electrical power system modelling, simulations and dynamic analyses. The findings will be presented at the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (Adipec) in Abu Dhabi, UAE, on November 12, 2012.

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