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Avis Rent A Car ... strong network across the kingdom

Avis Rent A Car ... strong network across the kingdom

Avis Saudi Arabia races ahead with 9,000-strong fleet

The company is a leading car rental and transportation solutions provider in Saudi Arabia, with over 40 branches and rental stations covering main airports and cities

FOUNDED in 1946 by Warren Avis, Avis was the first company to rent cars from airport locations and it grew rapidly during the 1950s. In 1963, Avis introduced the award winning “We Try Harder” campaign and this slogan remains the company’s rallying cry.

In 1973, Avis launched its innovative Wizard reservation system which became the cornerstone of the company’s growth strategy. In 1987, Avis introduced the Roving Rapid Return, a handheld computer terminal allowing customers to bypass the Avis counter. In 2000, Avis interactive, the first internet-based reporting system in the car rental industry, was introduced. In August 2002, Avis became the first rental car company to offer seamless connectivity with all four major global distribution system (GDS) systems.

Avis Rent A Car and its subsidiaries are one of the world’s largest general-use car rental operators, offering business and leisure customers a wide range of services at more than 6,000 locations (owned or franchised). Avis has a fleet of more than 600,000 vehicles across the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Latin American/Caribbean region, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Far East.

Avis is recognised as the industry leader in applying new technologies and is one of the world’s top brands for customer loyalty.

Arabian Hala the exclusive franchisee of Avis in Saudi Arabia started the car rental business in 1977 with only 27 vehicles. In 1993, Hala Rent A Car became the exclusive franchisee of Avis in the kingdom. Today Avis Saudi Arabia is present in more than 40 locations across the kingdom, located in all major airports and cities with a fleet exceeding 9,000 vehicles with set plans for consistent growth.

Arabian Hala is headquartered in Riyadh’s Diplomatic Quarters, servicing several business segments. Founded by Sheikh Suleiman Al Abdul Rahman Al Saleh, the company attained its current high ranking status without any direct affiliation with international companies.

The Saudi Avis team is consistently trained by Avis International to maintain the same levels of quality and efficiency to provide the highest levels of customer services. The curriculum of Avis International is being taught under the supervision of local training faculty. Avis employees in the kingdom are fully dressed in red Avis colours and converse in various languages making their customers feel at ease.

Over 27 years ago, Arabian Hala became one of the first in the kingdom to implement a comprehensive information technology programme. It has not stopped since then to develop and periodically upgrade these systems. Recent development includes the update of the internet website where customers can find full details about the company and its services.

Avis Global as well as Avis Saudi Arabia has a rich history in experience, quality and awards. Avis has won several awards: globally, regionally and locally, to mention some: The Best Car Rental Company in the Middle East  (eight times in the past ten years), Long service award (30 years), the We Try Harder award, The Best Company for Tourism Services, The Leading Car Rental Company in the Middle East 2012 and many more.

Short term rental: Proper selection of rental stations, quick and quality, variety of fleet, comprehensive insurance, free maintenance and replacement, free membership, corporate credit facilities, value added services and cross border permits to GCC;
Chauffeur driven services;
Local and international reservations;
Long term leasing: operational leasing, lease to own, buy back options;
Used cars sale;
Reporting and information systems: fully computerised for quick customer feedback;
Customer satisfaction;
Road quick services; and
Fleet solutions and free consultations.

Avis has recently acquired MG brand for its rental operations. The decision to include MG in the Avis rental fleet was taken after a due diligence process that involved comprehensive testing of MG vehicles during peak summer time for the AC performance. The Avis operations team evaluated the following aspects of MG operations:

Preventive maintenance costs of MG; 
Service centres of MG; and
Parts pricing and availability.

The Avis operations team was thoroughly satisfied with the evaluation report and technically approved the brand. The technical evaluation was followed by commercial proposal submitted by the MG distributor Specialised Automotive that included special terms on the deal.

The objective of Avis Rent a Car is to offer modern and well maintained fleet of cars, backed by excellent customer service to its existing and new customers.

“MG brand, especially the 1.5 litre MG 350 offers a great driving choice to our discerning customers, who seek drive quality and value for rental money,” says Assad Atyani, director, Avis Saudi Arabia.  “It makes absolute sense to partner with MG brand that offers excitement and change. Our expansion in the new brand is fuelled by growing demand for wider choices, and Saudi Arabian market is witnessing a shift in preferences, with customer’s emphasis on quality and technology driven products,” he adds.

“We thank the Avis Saudi Arabia team for their trust in the brand and confidence in Specialised Automotive to provide not only a reliable vehicle but also necessary after sales services,” says Adel Shohail Almasood, CEO, Specialised Automotive, the MG distributor.

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