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OSBV hosts key event

OFFSHORE Solutions BV (OSBV), the joint venture between AMEC and Cofely Nederland NV, is holding the third in a series of Marine Access Seminars in Doha, Qatar on September 26.

The event will take place at the new Hilton Doha and will allow guests to learn about the significant operational and economic benefits of marine access.

OSBV’s experienced team will introduce the Offshore Access System (OAS) – a 21-metre, hydraulically operated, telescopic gangway fitted with an active heave compensation system. Guests will also hear about the significant operational efficiency and safety benefits the OAS brings to operators from those with first-hand experience of the system.

GL Noble Denton, and independent technical advisor to the oil and gas industry, will also provide an insight on the importance of selecting the right vessel to maximise the operability of the marine access system.

OAS, which is currently working in the Gulf for Qatar Shell GTL, recently recorded in excess of 60,000 personnel transfers.

Lindsay Young, OSBV’s managing director, says: “The Doha seminar follows the successful events in Aberdeen and Dubai where we explained the benefits of the OAS in maintaining operational efficiency, particularly in the adverse weather conditions Qatar experiences over the winter months. With more than six years’ experience, OSBV has proved that by using the OAS, operational efficiency can be dramatically improved through an access solution that can transfer personnel in the most challenging sea conditions. We look forward to explaining this in greater depth at the Doha seminar.”

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