Saudi Aramco Review

Vow to fulfil commitments

AS THE world’s largest petroleum company, Saudi Aramco is always being asked about the future of oil and the role of renewable energy.

Saudi Aramco believes renewable energy will ultimately play an important role in helping to meet growing world energy demand responsibly.

For future generations, petroleum will remain a vital commodity, affecting almost every aspect of 21st century life. Forecasts to the year 2030 unanimously predict that oil will remain the main component of the global energy mix – even as global energy demand rises by 40 per cent.

That also means the world now has even more time for the gradual but meaningful development of renewables, and for them to overcome technical, economic, environmental and consumer acceptance obstacles.

It should be an era in which Aramco, as an industry, fullfils its commitments to humanity by helping raise and sustain quality of life across the globe while meeting its obligations to the natural environment.

By using innovative technology, Aramco can manage its reserves wisely and responsibly, helping it meet global energy needs with less impact on the environment.

Geologists and engineers in Aramco’s Geosteering Operations Centre work around the clock, remotely and in real time, to guide drilling activities hundreds of miles away. This state-of-the-art technique ensures that each well maximises recovery and performs as efficiently as possible.

Aramco’s wells are among the most advanced in the industry. They use maximum reservoir contact wells, Smart Well downhole flow control systems and Intelligent Fields technology to obtain the maximum amount of oil over time.

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